5 Ways to Choose Video Games for Kids


Video games have evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. Graphics, sound effects, and player controls now provide higher quality gaming options than ever before. For many kids, video games continue to be a hot item, but how do you choose the right games?

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  1. Educational Games


Wouldn’t it be great for kids to enjoy video games and learn at the same time? The quality of educational games has improved tremendously. Many now offer both fun and educational benefits. For young children, good options may present math or reading concepts through interaction with cartoon animals. With upbeat music and positive responses to correct answers, kids remain interested while also gaining confidence in their skills. Some games teach about the earth, or even outer space, in a way that feels more like an interactive movie than a lesson. For older kids, there are games where players advance by unraveling mysteries or figuring out brain-teasers; great ways to hone problem-solving skills!


  1. Character-Based Games


For a child captivated by the latest animated film, there likely exists at least one video game created around that film or its main character. When developers first began offering movie-themed games, reviews were often negative. It seemed the movie characters were the focus of the game, without much attention to whether the game was actually fun. Those criticisms seem to have led to great improvements in these types of games, so it’s more likely that kids today will enjoy games built around their favorite movie or character. Remember to check video games’ ratings to be sure that the children they are for, fall within the recommended ages.


  1. Sports-Based Games


Some children may be less interested in the latest movie, than in their favorite sport. There are a wide variety of sports-based video games. Not surprisingly there are football and basketball games, but did you know there are even skateboarding and dodgeball video games? It isn’t hard to find the right game for most sports-loving kids. Even with sports-based games, checking ratings remains important because the more realistic, contact-sports games might be too challenging or too violent for young children.


  1. Value


One video game may offer numerous and varied options of play, while another might be a one-hit wonder. For example, there are plenty of games for kids who love puzzles. A smart shopper will look for one that includes a large quantity and variety of different puzzles to solve, rather than a game where once the puzzle is solved, the child is done with it forever. Or, for kids who love game shows, look for video game “suites” that offer several different interactive game shows to play, rather than just a single game show. You will get more bang for your buck, and the variety is likely to keep kids enjoying the game for a longer period of time.


  1. Read Reviews


The internet is filled with all types of product reviews. Video game reviews are likewise plentiful. When choosing games for children, it’s important to look for reviews discussing whether a game is child-appropriate. Most review sites let you search reviews by keyword, which can make this task less tedious. Reviews also often provide information about game difficulty, any potential glitches, and overall entertainment value. All of these are important when choosing video games for kids.


Choosing the right game for a child might seem like a mystery, but with these tips in mind, you can definitely increase your chance of success!